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Voice Command

Powered by AxiumPro

Works on any mobile device

Use the voice command feature anytime and anywhere with a internet/wifi connection to access realtime data and create tasks.

Reports, tasks and applications

Activated by voice any number of commands. Reports, tasks and applications can be triggered. All you have to do is ask!.

Ecommerce / Shopping Cart

Use voice commands to tell you your sales summary report for the day, month, or year.

Find what you need

Find a client, customer or order by simply speaking the voice command and name.

Custom Voice Commands

We can program any device to learn new voice commands specifically for your business needs.

Hands Free Technology

Everything is triggered to run hands-free and activated by your voice whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you.

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automate, communicate, track & manage business operations all online.

Give your Business a Technology Boost

Customize your website's capabilities to generate sales, increase conversion and maximize productivity!

Websites that Drive Business

Inroads designs and developes world-class websites to help our clients manage and grow their business.

50+ Web Modules

Choose from 50+ affordable web modules to help your business run more efficiently.

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Discover the possibilities of how you can boost the performance and productivity of your web-based business using our fully integrated systems to generate more sales, increased conversions and maximize productivity.

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Inroads, LLC.
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